New trustees


The EIRIS Foundation is currently looking for three new trustees who will be members of its Board of Directors to help take the Foundation into new fields and achieve its new ambitions. The main requirements are:

  • Sound governance experience;
  • Interest in and some knowledge of ethical investment/corporate responsibility;
  • Ability to attend four meetings a year in London and participate in other Board/EIRIS activities from time to time;
  • Current experience of working at a senior level on one of the four strategies that the foundation has recently adopted for the next 3-5 years.

On this occasion we are particularly interested in identifying trustees with

  • investment experience (particularly in the charity sector) or
  • experience of ethical or sustainable investment in the retail sector.
  • We would also welcome applications from those with relevant experience who would strengthen our board in other ways. For example, recent turnover amongst trustees has reduced our gender and ethnic diversity so we would also like to take this opportunity to strength the board in that respect as well.

The EIRIS Foundation’s 3-5 year strategies are aiming to advance our vision of a financial and corporate system that encourages sustainable and responsible wealth creation and management. We want our research and work with charities, NGOs, investors & corporates to contribute to a shift in economic activity that protects and restores environmental, social, intellectual and financial capital in long term partnerships with and for the benefit of all stakeholders.

To achieve this we have agreed upon to focus on the following strategies:

  • Enhance the integrity of the good money/ethical investment services available to individual investors
  • Help charities and other civil society organisations invest and fundraise in conformity with their objectives and gain investor support for advancing these objectives
  • Improve Corporate Responsibility practices, based on our unique understanding of ethical business
  • Strengthen the influence of investors on companies to adopt stronger policies on long term sustainable and responsible wealth creation

We will generally be pursuing these strategies through our own staff and in partnership with other organisations rather than through grant-giving and we are looking for trustees who can contribute to the work itself and to gathering resources and contacts to develop it.

The EIRIS Foundation is a 19% shareholder in Vigeo Eiris formed by the merger of our former subsidiary EIRIS with its French counterpart, Vigeo, and the Foundation’s role as a shareholder and partner with Vigeo Eiris in area of mutual interest is also an important concern of trustees.

Trustees/Board members are not paid though reasonable expenses are met.

If you would like an informal conversation with John O’Reilly who chairs the Board, please email to arrange a time.

The application form is here: EIRIS Foundation trustees application form

Please email completed forms to or post to EIRIS Foundation, The Foundry, 17 Oval Way, London SE11 5RR

The closing date for the initial round of applications was Friday 28th July. We held a first round of interviews in London on Thursday 3rd August and will now be considering whether this is sufficient for our recruitment for the time being, or whether to hold a further round of interviews later in the summer.